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Invisalign in Molesey, Surrey

Dreaming of a straighter smile without the hassle of braces? Discover Invisalign’s clear solution at The Molesey Dental Practice in Molesey, Surrey. Begin your journey to a beautifully aligned grin – book your consultation now!

Straighten Your Smile Discreetly with Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign, a contemporary orthodontic solution, straightens teeth without traditional braces. It employs clear, removable aligners crafted from a discreet, medical-grade thermoplastic. These custom-made aligners, shaped using 3D imaging, gently guide teeth to their desired positions. Notably, Invisalign is removable, offering flexibility for eating, drinking, and maintaining oral hygiene, setting it apart from traditional braces.

Who Can Benefit from Invisalign?

Invisalign is a versatile orthodontic solution suitable for various individuals, including:

  1. Adults Seeking Discreet Treatment: Invisalign’s clear aligners provide a discreet alternative to traditional braces, making it popular among adults seeking subtlety during teeth straightening.
  2. Teens with Mild to Moderate Alignment Issues: Invisalign Teen is specifically designed to address the unique orthodontic needs of teenagers with mild to moderate alignment issues.
  3. Professionals and Public Figures: Those in professional or public-facing roles often choose Invisalign for its nearly invisible appearance, allowing them to maintain a polished image during treatment.
  4. Individuals with Orthodontic Relapse: Invisalign can be effective in treating orthodontic relapse, where teeth shift back to their previous positions after previous orthodontic treatment.
  5. Active Lifestyles: Athletes and individuals with active lifestyles appreciate Invisalign’s removable feature, offering convenience and flexibility for sports activities.
  6. People with Specific Bite Issues: Invisalign can address various bite issues, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites, providing a comprehensive orthodontic solution.
  7. Those Looking for Comfort: Invisalign’s smooth, customised aligners offer a comfortable orthodontic experience compared to traditional braces with wires and brackets.
  8. Patients Seeking Minimal Impact on Daily Life: With Invisalign, there are minimal dietary restrictions, and oral hygiene routines remain straightforward, appealing to those looking for minimal disruption to their daily lives.

The Advantages of Invisalign

These are the main advantages of Invisalign clear aligners:

  1. Comfort & Predictability: Invisalign clear aligners, crafted from SmartTrack material, ensure comfort and easy wearability. Customised through 3D imaging, they provide predictable results, guiding each tooth sequentially and precisely.
  2. Discreet & Convenient Treatment: Virtually invisible, clear aligners offer a discreet teeth-straightening solution. Their easy removal enhances freedom and convenience in daily life.
  3. Quick Results: Visible improvements can occur in as little as 6 months, depending on the case complexity.
  4. Customised Treatment: Utilising advanced scanning technology and the ClinCheck software, Invisalign creates a personalized treatment plan, offering precision and customization.
  5. SmartForce Attachments: Tooth-coloured SmartForce Attachments provide gentle, subtle force for complex movements, enabling effective tooth adjustment without braces.
  6. Lasting Results: The Vivera retainer system, clear and durable, ensures the longevity of your new smile post-treatment.
  7. Investment and Financing: Our comprehensive initial consultation and flexible payment plans make Invisalign a valuable investment in your smile.
  8. Proven Results: With 15 million smiles as evidence, Invisalign employs an algorithm to calculate precise forces for optimal tooth movement.
Invisalign in Molesey Surrey - The Molesey Dental Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invisalign suitable for teens?

Yes, Invisalign has a solution called Invisalign Teen that is suitable for teenagers who have all their adult teeth. It provides a discreet and convenient way to correct orthodontic issues without traditional braces.

Are Invisalign aligners visible?

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible when worn, making them a discreet option for teeth straightening.

Can Invisalign treat severe orthodontic issues?

Invisalign is effective for a range of orthodontic issues, including mild to moderate cases. However, severe orthodontic cases may require traditional braces. A consultation with our orthodontist can determine the suitability of Invisalign for specific cases.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Every case is different and could range anywhere from 6 to 24 months. On average, treatment usually takes between 12 and 18 months.

Can Invisalign correct overbites and underbites?

Yes, Invisalign can correct overbites, underbites, and various other bite issues, but the suitability depends on individual circumstances.

What are the benefits of Invisalign vs. traditional braces?

Invisalign offers benefits like virtually invisible aligners, easier oral hygiene, and the ability to remove aligners for eating and special occasions.

Are Invisalign aligners comfortable to wear?

Yes, Invisalign aligners are comfortable as they are custom-made to fit your teeth and made of smooth, comfortable material.

What should I expect during my Invisalign consultation?

During your consultation, the dentist will assess your oral health, discuss treatment options, and create a personalised Invisalign plan tailored to your needs.

How often should I change Invisalign aligners

Aligners are typically changed every one to two weeks, as per our dentist’s recommendation.

Can I eat and drink normally with Invisalign?

Yes, you can eat and drink most foods normally, but it’s advisable to remove aligners while eating and drinking anything other than water.

Do I need special cleaning products for Invisalign aligners?

You can clean aligners with a soft toothbrush and mild soap. Special cleaning products are available but not always necessary.

Can Invisalign help with crowded teeth?

Yes, Invisalign can effectively treat crowded teeth by gradually shifting them into proper alignment.

Are there any age restrictions for Invisalign treatment?

There are no strict age restrictions. Invisalign is suitable for both teenagers and adults.

Can I switch to Invisalign from traditional braces?

It is possible to switch to Invisalign, but it depends on your individual case and our orthodontist’s recommendation.

How do Invisalign retainers work after treatment?

Invisalign retainers help maintain your newly aligned teeth by preventing them from shifting back to their original positions. They are worn as directed by our dentist.

Are there any disadvantages to Invisalign?

Invisalign may not be suitable for very complex orthodontic cases, and compliance with wearing aligners is crucial for successful treatment.

Can Invisalign address teeth grinding and clenching issues?

Invisalign can help with mild to moderate teeth grinding and clenching issues by providing a protective barrier for your teeth.

What happens If I lose or damage my Invisalign aligners?

Contact our dentist immediately for guidance. We may provide replacement aligners or adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Is Invisalign a suitable option for severely misaligned teeth?

Invisalign can address various degrees of misalignment, but severe cases may require alternative treatments, which our dentist can discuss with you.

What is the average Invisalign treatment cost in the UK?

As of the most recent data, the average Invisalign treatment cost in the UK ranges from £2,200 to £5,500. This includes the entire treatment process, from the initial consultation to the final retainers provided after completing the active phase of Invisalign treatment.

Do Invisalign aligners affect speech?

While there may be a brief adjustment period, most users adapt quickly, and any impact on speech is minimal. Properly fitting aligners should not significantly affect speech.

Can Invisalign correct TMJ issues?

In some cases, Invisalign may help alleviate symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues by improving the alignment of the jaw. Consultation with a specialist is advised.

Why Choose The Molesey Dental Practice for Invisalign?

Elevate your Invisalign experience at The Molesey Dental Practice, where your journey to a confident smile begins affordably, with prices starting from just £2,250. Our skilled team combines expertise with personalised care, ensuring a seamless and comfortable Invisalign treatment. We prioritise your satisfaction, offering comprehensive consultations and flexible payment plans.

Choose us for exceptional results, discreet treatment, and a price that makes achieving your dream smile both accessible and rewarding. Book your Invisalign consultation today and embrace a brighter, straighter future with The Molesey Dental Practice.

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