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Specialist orthodontics from a Surrey practice

Specialist orthodontic practice in East Molesey Surrey

At our specialist orthodontic practice in East Molesey, Surrey, we believe everyone should be able to have a beautiful smile. We pride ourselves on offering the very latest in dental techniques which aim to enhance a patient’s natural beauty and confidence.

If you’re living with a smile which you are not happy with it can affect other areas of your life, like confidence in your job or in your social life. With our range of orthodontics (braces and aligners) we can offer people who have misaligned, gapped or overlapping teeth a possible solution to their less than attractive smile.

Modern braces and aligners come in a variety of designs from the traditional metal brackets and braces through to clear plastic aligners and trays, so there really is something for everyone’s smile!

To find out more about how are experienced dental team at The Molesey Orthodontic Practice could change your smile call us on 020 8979 6573